Spider-Man vs Deathstroke: Who Would Win?


That’s right! It’s a battle between two genetically-modified super dudes with cool masks. One was bitten by a radioactive spider, and the other is a product of secret government experimentation.

Deathstroke’s extensive arsenal of weaponry and brutal tactics are sure the push the web-slinger to his limits in this fight, but Spidey has a few tricks of his own.  The one-eyed mercenary is gunning for your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man in today’s match up!  Here’s the scenario:

Norman Osborn is desperate.  His experimental prototypes at Oscorp are all failing due to intervention by Spider-Man and he is losing millions of dollars.  In his desperation, he hires a high-end mercenary named Deathstorke to eliminate Spider-Man. Deathstroke puts together a plan to confront his target on the rooftops of New York City.

Spider-Man is arguably the most popular character of the Marvel Universe.  And there’s a reason for that, he’s a pretty darn good comic book character.  One of the best there is and ever was, in my humble opinion. Whether it’s his sassy retorts or his rich (sometimes tragic) backstory, there is just something special about Spidey.


Spider-Man has a laundry list of awesome powers such as super strength, speed, and agility.  But beyond the basics, he also has the ability to stick to most surfaces, web shooters that deploy strong webbing, and a ‘spider sense’ that alerts him of incoming danger.  Pretty cool, right?

There is no doubt that Spider-Man is awesome.  But his opponent in this fight is also awesome.  Of course I’m talking about Deathstroke, aka Slade Wilson.


Weapons expert, master tactician, genetically modified super soldier…  Okay, so maybe that last one sounds more like Captain America, but my point is there are a lot of ways to describe Deathstroke.  And I think the most accurate  description is “a pure badass.”  He’s a master of combat and strategy, primarily working as a mercenary.  He’s a gun for hire who is very good at what he does.  For example, Deathstroke single-handedly took down a full team of Justice Leaguers in the popular story Identity Crisis.

But Deathstroke has never had an opportunity to go one-on-one with Spider-Man.  If he did get the chance, here’s how I think it would go down:

Spider-Man is web swinging across the New York skyline for his nightly patrol.  It’s been a quiet night for him so far, just a couple of muggers on the Lower East Side.  Then he notices an eerie orange glow in the distance. Spidey rushes towards the disturbance and is shocked to see the top two floors of the Daily Bugle engulfed in flames! He shoots a web and thrusts himself towards the blaze.  Deathstroke is poised on the top level of an office building adjacent to the Bugle. Like a moth to a flame, his prey draws nearer to the trap. Spider-Man makes one final jump towards an open window, and as he does Deathstroke hits the switch on a remote actuator. Suddenly, an explosion tears through the interior of the building.  The force of the blast throws Spider-Man backward and he finds himself falling towards the street.  

Spidey shoots a quick web and pulls himself back to the building.  A burst of energy tingles his spine and his spider sense starts going berserk. Spider-Man’s instinct leads him to dive to the right.  And as he does, a .50 caliber slug from a sniper rifle shatters the brick behind him. Spider-Man uses his web shooters to catapult himself towards the sniper. Deathstroke quickly draws his sword.  

Spider-Man jumps through the shattered glass window, and Deathstroke cuts him across his back. Spidey retaliates with a few acrobatic kicks to Deathstroke’s center mass.  Deathstroke tries to swing his weapon again, but Spider-Man webs it to the floor. This makes Deathstroke increasingly more frustrated and he swings at Spider-Man with a wild blow.  Seeing his opportunity, Spider-Man dodges the blow and hits Deathstroke with a glob of webbing. A swift kick send the incapacitated Deathstroke out the broken window, and one final web leaves him hanging by his ankles over the New York street.


Winner: Spider-Man!

Spider-Man is faster, stronger, and more agile than Deathstroke, so he gets the win.  He also has spider sense, which would be extremely helpful for telegraphing Deathstroke’s attacks. And his web shooters are great for incapacitating his opponents!  The only way I could see Deathstroke winning is if he completely understood the opponent he was dealing with and had time to come up with a plan.  But even in that case, I think Spider-Man would have the edge.

Who do you think would win this fight?  Would Deathstroke’s tactical planning and marksmanship be enough to take down Spider-Man, or do you think he bit off more than he could chew with the wall-crawler? Leave a comment below!




  1. Great fight. It could be said that said spiderman could win since he is a strong hero but for me i think ill go for deathstroke. Spiderman spider sense isnt really as flawless as people think because if it is really flawless that he can dodge every shot, hed be almost invincible. The fun thing about comic books is the fact that the heroes could lose, even for guys like the hulk, superman and thor. No matter how strong they are there is a chance that they could lose or are pushed to the verge of losing although they still end up winning coz thats how comics work. My point is, spiderman can sense it all but there are a couple of times i saw in cartoons, comics and movies that he tends to react a liitle late to his spidey sense. Deathstrokes wide array of weapons, like guns, swords nd different blades and a staff could give him the win and incapacitate spiderman. As for quickness and agility, deathstroke is quite fast to but not equal woth spiderman. A couple of long range attacks though could take away spideys speed and agility advantage. Byt nevertheless if spidey wins, he’d go home with a couple of deep wounds.

    1. There’s no doubt that Deathstroke would make it a tough fight for Spidey. But remember, Spider-Man has experience fighting opponents with similar skills to Deathstroke. He has taken down guys like Kraven, Bullseye, and the Punisher.

  2. I think fights like this come down to which character the writer wants to win. That feels like a cop-out, but look at how Brad Meltzer had Deathstroke win against multiple JLAers in that horrid mini series Identity Crisis. I think that Slade is a bad-ass, but there are times when he’s written as too powerful. I remember thinking that he should have gotten his butt kicked when he battled Wolverine in NTT/X-Men back when. Slade is really good. Logan is (was) exceptionally great.
    In a battle with Spider-Man, I think Peter’s spider-sense is the thing that would greatly change the outcome of the battle. Slade is fast, though I don’t think he has Spidey’s speed and agility. Were it not for Peter’s spider-sense, the battle might not be a bit closer. Of course, given the setup involving Norman Osborn, it’s entirely possible that Norman would inform Slade of Spidey’s abilities, and perhaps come up with a way to neutralize his spider-sense. That or Slade would more than likely study Spidey and realize that he has a preternatural ability to sense danger, and thus come up with a way around that (endangering civilians and attacking as PP saves them).

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