If Superheroes Could Play In The World Cup…



The World Cup is a great opportunity for different nations of the world to come together and engage in multiculturalism, sportsmanship, and overall unity… unless your team gets knocked-out by Belgium with a heartbreaking loss in extra time.  That was a hard loss to take.  Still, I can’t help but wonder what might have happened if the United States had a few superheroes on the roster.

In today’s post I’m picking 11 heroes that I think would make the perfect World Cup team.  My picks are all coming from the Marvel comics universe, and they must all be United States citizens.

Team Captain:  Captain America
Cap is an obvious choice for my team. His speed, strength, agility, and strategic skills make him an incredible athlete and competitor as is, but he also has the fiercest leadership skills out there. Can you imagine the pep-talks he would give in the locker room? With Cap as team captain, all of the players would be sure to give 110%.

Hawkeye’s marksmanship earns him a spot on this team.  He is able to use various weapons with pinpoint accuracy, so his shots on goal would be very accurate.

I think that Spider-Man is a good pick because he’s another fast and agile character.  Also, his spider-sense might allow him to know where the ball was going and if it was coming his way.

Iron Fist
Iron Fist is a martial arts expert.  This means that he has incredible speed, balance and agility.  He’s also accustomed to using his legs for kung-fu kicks.  Kicking a soccer ball would be easy for him.

Teleporters have the potential to change the game.  Because Cloak can teleport, he could be anywhere on the field in a matter of seconds.

Hank Pym
His Pym Particles let Hank Pym become Giant Man and grow to massive sizes.  This means he could cover the entire distance of the field in a matter of seconds.  It would also make him a tough defender.

Quicksilver (naturalized citizen)
So Quicksilver wasn’t technically born in the United States, so he is not technically a US citizen.  However, I’m still including him on the list because he has naturalized US citizenship according to Marvel Wiki.  And naturalized citizens are allowed to play for their new countries in the World Cup.  Quicksilver is one of the fastest heroes in the Marvel universe, that fact alone gets him a spot on my team.

Invisible woman
What?! A woman on the World Cup team?  Yup.  Actually, I picked a few lovely ladies for the team. Gender is not an issue when we’re talking about about superheroes with this much power, and the Invisible Woman’s power is especially useful in this case. Think about it.  She can become invisible and therefore be anywhere on the field.  She can also put up invisible force-fields for defense and turn the ball invisible.

Jean Grey
My team needs a telepath, and Jean Grey is one of the strongest ones ever. She would be able to telepathically communicate with her teammates. She also has telekinetic abilities, which would give her great control over the ball.

Blink is another teleporter. But hey, you can never have too many teleporters!  What attracted me to her character is she has the ability to throw teleportation portals like javelins.  So if she could hit the ball with one of these javelins, she could teleport it into the opponent’s goal.

Goalkeeper:  Mr. Fantastic
Mr. Fantastic can contort and stretch his body to any shape. His stretchy abilities make him the perfect goalie.  Just try and get one past a man who can make his body the exact size and dimensions of the goal!

So there you have it, that’s my team! And I think the US would stand a much better chance in the World Cup with a few of these guys on the roster.  Who would you pick for your team?  Maybe someone could put together a superhero roster for a different country’s team.  Canada could be interesting…

Like always, let me know what you think in the comments section below.





One comment

  1. Hahaha. Cool. I’d like to put mine too
    Captain:batman- like the captain, he is a master strategist and a leader too. He share bout his ninjutsu learning specially when it comes to being sneaky and subtle while putting your plan into place

    If you have an accurate striker like hawkeye, i might as well put green arrow. Very much the same as hawkeye, oh wait, he is exactly like hawkeye. The goatee would make him look cooler though

    Next i’d choose nightwing, football is a team battle and therefore teamwork plays a huge role. With the bat as the captain, who else would have a better teamwork with him than his own former sidekick.

    I’ll choose cyborg. He’s a walking computer of the highest tech. He can calculate the field, the balls trajectory and everything that happens on the field

    Next, i’d choose deathstroke, he may be a villain but maybe he can set aside any bad blood with the heroes for the sake of his country, right?he’s a master strategist too and he will play a big role along with batman and robin specially in a ge determined by teamwork.

    I’d pick the strongest hero there is in all comic book universes(just my opinion, no offense to the hulk) no other than SUPERMAN. The word strongest will be enough reason to choose him.

    Next i’ll choose flash. Well, you’ve got quicksilver, might as well choose the fastest hero in dc. His speed along with superman will be just superior above others.

    Next, i’ll take raven. Forcefields and spells and enough dose of creepiness would surely bring some intimidation against foes

    I choose the martian manhunter. He maybe an alien but he’s served long enough in the Justice league of america to be an american patriot. his a telepath and a shape shifter. Will be a great way to communicate all teammates through him and might as well shift into the likeness of the opponent and they will mistakenly pass the ball to him

    Next i’d choose green lantern( john stewart)he can create anything and imagination is the limit. Great for offense and defense

    Last i’ll pick green lantern(hal jordan). Like all green lanterns, imagination is the limit. In defense i doubt anything coud get past him. He is my goal keeper. Once again team work is the key. Two members of the green lantern corps. Nothing gets better than that

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