Superman vs. Thor: Who would win?

Can you picture it? Superman and Thor throwing down in a one-on-one grudge match that levels half of Metropolis! The thought alone is making me giddy with excitement.


If there’s one thing in this world that I love, it’s getting together with some like-minded superhero enthusiasts over a nice plate of hot wings and talking about who would win in a fight between two superheroes. And this is one of my all-time favorite match ups!

In the red corner we have Marvel’s Asgardian God of Thunder, and in the blue corner we have DC’s iconic Man of Steel.  Both of these guys are extremely powerful.  They are two of the most powerful superheroes in their respective universes… so that makes this fight especially juicy!

I’m sure that most of you are pretty familiar with these two characters, but here’s a quick rundown. Thor is the son of Odin and the Asgardian God of Thunder. He has super strength, the ability to fly, and a mystical hammer named Mjolnir that can do a bunch of cool stuff including manipulate the weather. Oh, and Thor also has super-awesome long blonde hair that flows righteously while he’s kicking frost giant butt.

See what I mean about the hair?

Now let’s meet his opponent. Superman is a Kryptonian (alien) who gains amazing super-human abilities from the Earth’s yellow sun. All of his cells are super-charged with solar radiation. This gives him super strength, super speed, the ability to fly, super hearing, and a wide variety of different types of super vision.  I’m probably leaving some stuff out, Supes has a lot of powers…

In terms of weaknesses, Thor’s main downfall is his arrogance.  He’s constantly mucking things up by over-estimating his abilities and charging in to battle head first.  Oh, Thor, when will you ever learn?  You know Odin is going to give you another one of his disappointed looks. (To see a disappointed Odin, click here).

Superman, on the other hand, has more concrete weaknesses.  For example, Kryptonite is a glowing green (and sometimes other colors) rock that Superman is especially vulnerable to.  Kryptonite can take away Superman’s powers and cause him physical harm if it is close enough.  Another lesser-known weakness for Superman is his vulnerability to magic.  That doesn’t mean magic drains his powers like Kryptonite, it just means the Supes doesn’t have any special resilience to magical stuff.  So attacks based in magic can be especially effective against Superman.

While it’s true that Superman has some clear weaknesses, I think most people would agree that he has the upper hand in this fight.  He’s faster than Thor, he’s stronger than Thor, and he’s got more powers than Thor (i.e. heat vision, freeze breath, etc).  This would not be an easy win for the Asgardian.

Still, it would be a close fight that could end up going either way.  Cars would be tossed, buildings would be smashed to rubble, Thor would say “Have at thee!” at least six times… And in the end, one man would stand victorious.

The question is, which man would it be?  I’ve been asking myself that question over and over for years now, and I think I’ve come to a conclusion.  I’m giving my vote to the underdog, Thor.

It’s not the obvious choice and a lot of people will probably disagree with me, but let me explain why I think Thor would win.  These two characters are in the same league when it comes to power. I  agree that Superman is probably more powerful than Thor, but I don’t think that there is a huge discrepancy.

Also, Thor’s power is entirely derived from Asgardian magic.  That plays right into one of Superman’s few vulnerabilities. I’m not saying that Thor’s powers would drain Superman’s abilities in any way, I just think that a blow from a mystical hammer like Mjolnir would pack an extra wallop.

I think Thor would come out on top, but that’s just my opinion.  Let me know who you think would win in the comment section below.  Like I said before, there’s nothing I love more that talking about hypothetical superhero fights with fellow comic book junkies!



  1. Oh my, a kindred soul! I’ve heard this debate many times, and I always vote Thor. I think people often underestimate Thor’s power! Love your blog layout by the way.

    1. I agree with you 100%. Thor is an Asgardian and basically a god. Anyone who thinks he isn’t in Superman’s league is not giving him enough credit. Plus, if we’re agreeing that these two gents are a part of the same universe for the sake of this fight, then there’s a good chance that Asgard would know about/have Kryptonite.

    1. Great question!

      That’s something I’ve wondered about too… Honestly I think Superman has the edge in terms of endurance, but he might get drained quicker after he takes a couple magical blows from Mjolnir.

  2. This is really hard coz thor is one of my favorite characters. I like superman too but to be fair when it comes to weighing strengths, id have to pick supes. He is too strong for thor i believe. He is like the hulk and as long as our beloved yellow sun is there, he can stay strong the entire fight. Its going to be hard and it still can go either way. But once superman gets his hands on thor, it might be lights out for thor. A combination of super speed(something thor might not be able to keep up with), laser eyes and raw strength of continuous punches, it might be too much for thor. Magic is going to take a toll on superman but not enough to keep him down i guess. Id still like to give the win to thor though but for the sake of fair judgment, id give the W to superman. Just my opinion..

  3. Superman:

    * His combined force of speed and strenght is beyond Thors. Realize that.

    * Who is more intelligent? Supes, and thats a fact. He is is probably smarter than ten batmans and ten Lex Luthors combined. He reads books in the matter of seconds. Thor is no dumb guy either, but he’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

    * Who is most likley to deliver the first punch or attack? Light speed is the answer, so that would be Superman. And with light speed i mean lightspeed in the whole fucking body, not just in the tip of the hammer.

    * Thor has Mjolnir and magic! Yeah, but Supes has advansed technology and advanced fireweapons. And by advanced i mean ADVANCED. And his laserbeams are so hot that it can penetrate Superman himself. And if it could do so, it could penetrate Thor as well. His ice breath that can create orcans and tornadoes isnt so cute either, but i think Thor is used to harsh and smelly winds with icy tempratures.

    * Thor has the upperhand in close combat? Yes, this is probably true. He is a known and fearsome warrior that bows for no one. But dont underestimate Supes. He is trained by both Batman and Wonder Woman. One of the best in DC universe. And has learned Kryptonian martial arts as well. So Thor is not superior to Supes, but better.

    * You say Rune King Thor, I say Superman One Millon. These two should not be in this contest.

    * With teams: Justice Leauge would demolish The Avengers.

    * And in the end, Supes is a better man, with better morals. The picture of how humans and heroes should be. And Thor, in my opinion, is a picture off how humans was, like in Norway 1000 a.d.

    * In the end i think Supes could kill Thor, not the other way around. Only if you take away the sun, but that would be like Thor loses his armor gaven by Odin. So that would be unfair.

    1. Great points. Additionally, because of his speed, strength and invulnerability, I actually think superman’s fist should be categorized as one of the most powerful weapons in the universe. Any universe. I believe it’s actually stronger than Mjolnir. Does anyone really thin Superman cannot bend and break adamantium, which repelled Thor’s attack?

  4. Any1 who’s says superman can beat thor is dumb as fuck…let me explain…firstlythor is a god!,he can beat an alian and I’m pritty sure if he’s a god he’s not just a god of earth but of all 9 dimensions so get on ur knees and praise superman…also it clearly says thors hammer has magical properties that’s why he can make it fly back 2 him anytym he wants and why hulk can’t lift it,the hammer itself is weightless that’s why the fucking hellacarrier doesn’t sink 2 d fucking floor when thors on it and why he doest go crashing down through stark tower when in it and also it can summon lightning which kicks the shit out of heat vision and if things get really messing thor can open up portals and take him 2 a place without a yellow sun den he’s fucked,think bout it the best superman can do is try to freeze him which won’t work since he can SUMMON LIGHTNING which 2 dumbasses is fucking hot and besides he’s a GOD dis is a stupid ass debate

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